“Tommy Yoon is the name. I am a full-time sinner and a lover. And a part-time photographer."

Throughout his childhood, Tommy Yoon grew up with constant exposure to different cultures and lifestyles. He considers himself a visual learner; capturing life's moments on film not only allows a freeze-frame memory to last a lifetime, but also allows him to share these moments with the rest of the world.

His passion for photography developed after high school when he became interested in war photography. He was inspired by the truth and rawness that these photos revealed; the reality of violence in war that is hardly advertised and certainly not glamorous. Soon afterwards, he picked up a cheap camera and began taking photos of his everyday life. Tommy enjoyed seeing and reading about things that he wasn't used to seeing every day.

Only a couple years ago, he picked up a DSLR camera and decided to take his photography to a more serious level, turning a simple hobby into a career. As Tommy's interest in photography grew over time, he began to aspire in photojournalism. If you ask him why he enjoys taking story-telling photos, he would answer by saying “I absolutely love capturing the bittersweet moments in life, because every moment comes only once in a lifetime.”

The focus of his photography is to expose and tell the stories of the unseen and unheard, rather than simply capturing a pretty picture. His vision is to expose his audience to lesser-known concepts through photographs, allowing them to study his experiences through his lens. Tommy's photos are honest and filled with knowledge. His aim is to spread this knowledge, to empower the people that are captured in time, and to change the world for the better one photo at a time.

“So I stay with my shutter-eye open. And enjoy painting my life with light."

“Love the life you live, Live the life you love."-Bob Marley